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The OIC / FIC / SPM Practice brings together seasoned OIC / FIC / SPM experts who collectively have a total of 20 man years of expertise in Oracle Incentive Compensation in various capacities including, support, product development, extension development and consulting. Members of our practice have successfully delivered several mid to large size OIC / FIC / SPM implementations in various industry sectors included but not limited to Retail, Telecommunication, High Tech, Electronics and Media sectors. Some of the large scale implementations compensated approximately 50,000 employees and in others averaged a monthly transactional volume of 15 million. In addition to OIC / FIC / SPM expertise, the practice brings more than 10 years of experience with various vertical and horizontal products of the Oracle EBusiness Suite.


Implementation Philosophy

Our key objective is to have our clients realize the benefits of their investment in OIC / FIC / SPM. These benefits are reflected in the following demonstrated metrics:

  • Accurate and Timely Calculation of Incentive Compensation
  • Simplified understanding of plans and visibility of calculation methodology to the sales force
  • Expeditious Implementation of New Plans and Changes to Existing Plans
  • Top down visibility of details from payment to transactions
  • Sox compliance
  • Considering customer size and complexities

We believe, in due diligence in understanding


  • As-is business process in order to recommend improvements and best practices native to their pertinent industry sector
  • Transaction and sales organization growth
  • The wish list of future compensation plans
  • Reporting and auditing needs
  • Ease of use required

 This approach stages us to implement OIC / FIC / SPM in a building blocks fashion ground up.


Service Offerings

  1. Turnkey Implementation
  2. For validation of Solution
  3. Assessment of Compensation Plan needs
  4. Performance
  5. Deep understanding to industry requirement and their relation to the incentive comp product capabilities


Scalability and Optimization

There are several ways to achieve a certain paid out compensation in OIC / FIC / SPM. Majority of the OIC / FIC / SPM implementations become un-wieldy after a year of service. This can be due to calculation slow down, plan and general set up maintenance overhead and slow down of payment process. Our experts have a clear understanding of data growth within OIC / FIC / SPM module and how it is inter-related in various parts of the application. Using our implementation philosophy, we can project data growth in OIC / FIC / SPM over a 5 year period and determine the optimal approach to OIC / FIC / SPM/CRM configuration, transaction consolidation and sales credit allocation. Some of our successful implementations have been in service for almost 7 years with calculations running in acceptable time frames.



OIC / FIC / SPM requires several variables in addition to revenue transactions for paying incentive compensation; and calculated compensation has to be paid out either via payroll or accounts payable process. Therefore, Interfaces are in-evitable. We have a substantial experience interfacing with several modules within the Oracle E-Business suite and Third party systems or other Home grown applications.

Here are the Interface and Integration needs that the industry requires with a typical compensation system.

  • Collection of Commensurable Transactions from custom sources other AR/OM sources. Collection of transactions from sources in OM/AR is supplied by the OIC / FIC / SPM application
  • Custom Variables needed for calculation from other oracle module or legacy system



BPEL and generic workflow applications are integral to most of the tier 3 applications. OIC / FIC / SPM currently does not have a mature usage of these technologies. However, tasks such as quota collections, quota approvals, plan approvals, adjustment approvals and finally payment approvals would benefit substantially with such technologies. Our experts have been deploying and implementing workflow technologies for about 8 years and have leveraged in various OIC / FIC / SPM projects for Quota collections and approval.


Extensions & Toolkit

Our experts have designed and built several extensions and tools for OIC / FIC / SPM module, that are re-usable at various client sites and in certain cases specific to a client requirement. These have enabled functionalities such as


  • Custom Sales Credit Allocation based on Sales Geography, Customer, Customer Segment and various other dimensions. The examples of other dimensions are Overlay sales and other indirect sales activities(Selective Rollup) where Transaction Consolidated based on the Rules Matrix
  • Custom Quota Management System – A custom Quota Management and Approval system adhering to the Auditing and SOX practices.
  • Custom Pre-Processor Module for interfacing data to OIC / FIC / SPM from various Oracle Modules other than the Vanilla Sources Provided by Oracle OIC / FIC / SPM.
  • Inter Instance Plan Transfer Module
  • The COPY Compensation Plan routine for copying the plans of the existing year the next year.
  • Several Custom and Generic routines(Views and Functions) that can be plugged into OIC / FIC / SPM Formulas
  • Bulk loading the Sales rep details into the Compensation plans.


SOX compliance

One of the challenges faced today by OIC / FIC / SPM in 11i releases is keeping track of historical rates or targets that have been set on the plan elements or rate tables.

  • Capture Audit Data for plans when created or modified or deleted
  • A Capture Audit Data for rate table changes.
  • Audit Trail Report on the CONFIGURATION changes -A report to identify the changes in the system based on the different objects in OIC / FIC / SPM.
  • Capture all the amounts and percentage changes against these components.
  • Custom Quota Managem ent System –The system updates and tracks the quota changes with Apporval /accept workflow to the various sales personnel and the higher ups.(Can provide a custom add-on-This tool would involve uplaoding the Salesrep/Resource Plan,Rate and other information using a custom front end.)


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