Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera

Deciding on the right approach for getting the best out of Oracle Primavera Applications is a daunting task. Every implementation has its own unique complexities because of differing business processes and structures. Our consultants don’t pretend to understand your business better than you but we can facilitate some of the major decisions that need to be taken to get you to your end goal.
Our experience covers areas such as:

Pre-Implementation Planning

Making the decision to invest in Oracle Primavera is a large undertaking even for the biggest multi-national corporations. "BIG BANG" implementations typically fail or stagnate after the first year because of the way that the tool is introduced into the organization.  Often the drive is to do too much too soon alienating the user base and eventually rendering the application an overhead or at worst, useless. Our consultants have successfully implemented Oracle Primavera in many business situations ensuring your success. Utilizing our experience is the difference between an expensive attempt and a genuine success assured.

Business Case Development

Justifying budgets in an organization is never an easy task for non-revenue generating applications. Businesses often fail to see the benefit of these applications because it is difficult to measure and quantify. We unfortunately see many implementations of Oracle Primavera become stagnant because of lack of support from senior management. The business case is often a method of communicating the benefits to the senior managers in a way that they understand. Our consultants have utilized their experience of the industry to work with Primavera management and portfolio managers to highlight key benefits of the tool and, more importantly, the future benefits.

Roadmap design

Oracle Primavera is often a critical backbone for many companies. Aligning Oracle Primavera with the strategic goals of the business is often crucial for its success and will allow an organization to reap maximum benefit from its investment. Based on your unique business requirements we can help you identify the right direction for Oracle Primavera and produce an application roadmap with objectives, risks & key dates. We will work with your stakeholders and key members of your user base to ensure that the vision for your Oracle Primavera implementation meets the needs of your business.

Training and Support

Our experienced consultants can provide your team with the tailored training the covers not only your industry or use but Oracle’s best practice for Primavera adoption. We also offer support for existing Primavera clients through our Application Support Services model that can fit any budget and service level agreement.

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