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Strategic Consulting

Rysigo Strategic Consulting Services provides technology and applications services to help customers get the most value out of their Oracle investment. Drawing on industry best practices and deep software expertise, Rysigo consultants help you assess your business needs, create your enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology to maximize the value of your Oracle footprint.

Attain Optimal Business Value

After investing heavily in software, your business needs to see the promised return. Achieving this can sometimes be difficult and a frustrating process. Software implementations often introduce more issues than they resolve and do little to streamline your organization.

Rysigo consultants have many successful implementations under their belts – including the foundations of Oracles Global Single Instance itself! Rysigo will ensure you are aware of all features and functionality necessary to meet your business needs so that you get maximum value from your investment. We can best align and configure the applications to meet your business processes and objectives. And since we are already Oracle Application gurus, we will not be learning the products on your dime!

Protect Your Investments

Nine times out of ten, the software you buy just doesn’t do everything you need it to. However, customizations are time consuming, expensive and risky. Customizations often fail due to hidden complexities, lack of product expertise or availability of skilled development resources. If the effort is successfully completed, it can be overwritten by the next upgrade, or even made obsolete if the features you want are ultimately delivered in an upcoming release of the core product.

At Rysigo, we understand the applications you have invested in: From the underlying data model and architecture, through the technology stack, to the complete functionality of the applications being deployed. We can advise you whether the enhancement you require is in upcoming releases. If the customization is necessary, we will ensure that it will work beyond upcoming upgrades and that effort invested will have longevity. Remember, we designed and built many of the Oracle products in the market today, and additional functionality due to be released in the future.

Flexible Delivery Model

Rysigo’s flexible services-delivery capabilities offer blended onsite, onshore, offshore, or a combination to meet your objectives, timeline and budget without reducing the risk to your upgrade. We can provide consulting services at any stage of your project from initial assessments; planning or end-to-end planning through to delivery including ongoing application support - across your platform and enterprise. We can engage on projects that may range from small, limited-scope, short time frame, partner- and customer- led engagements to multimillion-dollar, fixed-price, multiple year projects.We can provide Project Managers, Functional Consultants, Architects and Technical Resources across a range of Oracle Applications and Technology Platforms including usability and productivity specialists

Get Troubled Projects on Track

Oracle applications solve complex business problems for large enterprises across all industries and countries of the globe. As such, the applications are not simple. There are many ways of configuring these applications to meet the variety of business needs. Unfortunately, it is common to see implementations and upgrades bogged down by this complexity.

Rysigo are here to help. Our consultants are accomplished at gathering and understanding business needs, then plotting a clear and achievable path to success.

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