User Interface Workbenches

Increasing User Adoption and Usability

Project Workbenches

Rysigo Project Workbench enables project driven users to access information in one central workspace for multiple projects that they are involved with. Rysigo workbenches improve usability and productivity by reducing the number of clicks to perform common functions optimizing the use of pre-seeded OA Framework regions supplied by Oracle. Users can rapidly process data by performing similar functions across projects without ever leaving the current page. Rysigo Workbenches increase user adoption and satisfaction by 75%!

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Access Common Project Functions

Find and perform common functions quickly across all your projects

Project users can plan, control and execute more efficiently on projects they are responsible for when they can find common functions that they need to perform without too many clicks or page refreshes.

Rysigo Workbenches increase productivity by enabling users to scroll through a list of projects within the Workbench framework and perform a function before moving to the next project – all without ever leaving the page!

Related project information displayed within tabs

Project Managers rely on the latest project information, including: the current Workplan, approved budget, project costs, financial information, upcoming milestones and project deliverables. Rysigo Project Managers Workbench can be configured to group related project information together into an expandable/collapsible group structure.

Project users can now manage multiple projects and perform common functions quickly within one central, prioritized project workspace without having to drill into each project and navigating to detailed sub pages as before. Since the workbench is the core project workspace, performing common functions such as a weekly budget updates for a number of projects can be easily performed with efficiency increasing adoption rates.

Increase User Productivity and Improve Adoption

Rysigo Project Manager Workbench increases user productivity through a combination of reduction in user clicks to get to the information and improves performance through a reduced number of page refreshes made. Furthermore, since project information is now within a central place user adoption of project management processes and tools increase through improved usability and access to frequent project data easily.

The Workbench enables system administrators to configure the information displayed into organized Tabs representing functional areas of the Project. This includes Budgets, Reporting, Workplan and so forth. The information displayed within each of these tabs can be further configured to display specific columns within a table.

Centralized Project Workspaces

Manage all your projects within the workbench

Rysigo Project Managers Workbench enables project managers to perform frequent and common project functions within one central workspace with an option to navigate through to other projects the user may be responsible for managing./p>

Common project functions within the workbench include:

  • Review and update Financial Plans
  • Review and update Workplans, Deliverables, Task Progress
  • Review Project Performance (Financial, Workplan, Deliverables etc)
  • Review and update Staffing/Resource Requirements
  • Review and update Project Status Reports, Issues, Change Documents and Project Risks
  • Run Project Reports



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