Project Proposals

Project Proposals

Whether your organization is proposing a service to a potential client, a new product for development to an internal audience or a potential opportunity to a partner, you need to create an accurate picture of what the proposed work with look like.

Use Collaboration to Enhance Cooperative Work Planning

Many options for interaction and online collaboration are at our fingertips. The increased channels of communications increase team productivity and individual efficiency. Until now, there was no way to offer up this varied and unlimited means of interaction as a complement to current work management processes.

Proposal development is often time sensitive and requires input from many individuals or systems in order to create an accurate and authentic commitment of work to be delivered. Current versions of proposed work need to be available for input on resources, timelines, ideas, tasks when and where that contributor, or team member, is ready to contribute.

Rysigo Collaborative Proposal Management drives efficiency not only in proposal brainstorming, idea generation and development but also in the work that follows. When work is defined by a cohesive team with appropriate levels of approval and input on the front end, the work that follows is poised for success. Discussions about key elements that will drive success in the execution phases are addressed and collectively defined before work is approved and initiated.

  • Needs and Objectives
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Requirements
  • Cost Estimates
  • Schedule and Timelines
  • Milestones
  • Deliverables
  • Risks and Risk Mitigation

Integrate Proposals into Project and Work Management

Managing work – as part of a defined project, or not – sometimes takes the form of structured data but most often occurs in the form of unstructured data. This is true not only in managing work but also in the initial stages of defining what the work will be.

Equally as important is the ability to reference standards for work in the form of templates, resources, estimates and other approved business practices.  Resource availability and costing in Oracle Projects coupled with task and schedule definition in Oracle Primavera are used to supplement any case specific idea generation or strategic objectives. Integration with ERP and portfolio analysis tools when evaluating proposals along with the collaboration provided for proposal creation, review and approval speed up approval cycle times as well as the transition from proposal to initiation of work.

Rysigo provides the technology to take advantage of the increase in team member cooperation and preference for interaction by integrating it with business management software. Rysigo weaves this existing human behavior into improved proposal management.  Benefits include reduced time to approval and work execution as well as  the elimination of duplicate data entry.  Finally, the extremely valuable transfer of knowledge from needs assessment and requirements gathering to work execution is maintained.

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