Part 3: The rise of project management, techniques and tools

Increase in Corporate Complexity

As technology has advanced existing business models have changed that enable corporations to reduce costs by transferring the work to regions where local resources are more cost efficient and share the same language – Off shoring. In functions that need to be performed within the same time zone, a corporation may decide to offshore the work to a closer region that works within its timeframe, budget and business practice – a practice referred to as near shoring. Added to this a rise in corporate mergers and acquisitions that may be inked for a number of reasons for example: to obtain local presence, expand a corporations offering, gain access to new markets or to provide specialized expertise. Alliances and Partnerships between corporations that have similar goals or offer complimentary products or services can also rapidly provide new opportunities to a company without acquiring or merging with another company.

This organizational complexity can lead to cultural, operational and organizational challenges and can affect any project team - as work is no longer executed by the team located within the same office space, timezone, location or even culture – but executed by team members who may be employees from a partner, supplier, an offshore or even a near shore center. This can be a series of complex business methods and processes as coordinating work across multiple business units who may not have the same priorities; objectives, systems or processes may be daunting for any seasoned project manager and may require significant stakeholder involvement. Furthermore, information that is shared now not only has to be secured by role, but also the relationship between the executing party and the corporation itself.

Part 4: The rise of project management, techniques and tools

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