Part 2: The rise of project management, techniques and tools

Technological advances in information and communication management

The last thirty years have radically altered the way in which we work today and in some cases have led to the growth of new industries and corporate powerhouses. As computer hardware became cheaper and offered greater processing power at a reduced cost the applications and systems that companies rely on to run their operations also increased in complexity, speed, and even the types of information stored and processed - from traditional documents to voice, images, maps and even video clips. Access to this information is controlled through the companies’ security policies and how users access the central or distributed computer systems, through communication channels such as the Internet from a remote computer or wireless communication on portable handheld devices that are commonly used today. New industries such as search engine marketing or online stores have not only gained in popularity but also form the core of a companies marketing and IT budgets. This technology revolution will also change the way in which we plan, execute and control projects. New collaborative tools will add to existing project management tools and will change the way in which project information is shared, progressed and knowledge harvested.

This technology revolution has forced many companies to revisit their business models. New models enabling consumers to search for travel deals online have forced airlines; hotels and car rental places to leverage technology to differentiate them from their competitors and led to the gradual decline in high street travel agencies. Companies such as British Telecom and ATT, which have traditionally been viewed as telecommunication companies, have had to rebrand themselves over the last 10 years as global communication providers covering Internet, mobile telephony and even television services. Their success is attributed to embracing the technology revolution and the identification of new services and solutions. This continuous adoption of technological advances has ensured their place as some of the most successful conglomerates of today. As with any industrial revolution, the change can bring many opportunities for those that can visualize what may be possible. New companies such as Google have revolutionized the way in which we search and relate information held on distributed computers taking the complexities out of finding information stored globally from any computer that has access to the Internet. The technological revolution has also created new communication methods for people to socialize and connect with forming vast social networks sharing information as it happens. These social networks can even shape political landscapes as led by the Obama administration during the presidential election.

The technology revolution has enabled corporate users and consumers to access information quickly from any device that can access the Internet with ease. This rapid access to information can also bring with it a significant challenge, particularly if project status messages are generated and distributed automatically on a global without adequate human input resulting in project teams having to respond to questions and feedback from stakeholders at an alarming rate.

The technology revolution has also created additional risk for corporations and individuals through security breaches or consumer identity theft. Corporate and individual information is stored encrypted and controlled through automated security and data access policies in place,. This enables an employee to access an corporate information system to execute and analyze data from multiple locations using any number of devices with the goal of making an informed and rapid decision when they need to - regardless of time zone, language or culture.

Part 3: The rise of project management, techniques and tools

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