Where's your project status report?

Making Project Status Reporting less painful

Do you hate producing project status reports? I certainly did. My boss insisted that his team get them in by noon every Friday or like a hawk he'd be at your desk within minutes requesting when it would be done. As a project manager back then, much of my time was spent on conference calls and meetings that took up most of the day. Like most of you, I'm sure, I also had my own deliverables to produce with countless piles of documents that needed my 'urgent' review. So, whats changed after 15 years?

Very little. I still spend countless hours on calls and meetings, but less frustrated in having to produce status reports - making it easier to write them in the first place. How?  through what I'm calling our PST - a combination of: Process, Standards and Tools for key project management functions. My reasons for getting frustrated with writing reports originated from the fact that I had to collect that information manually from multiple sources: Issue lists within MS Excel, Schedules from MS Projects, Progress from each team member via calls and emails etc, then verify/validate the data before consolidating that with subjective content - for each of my projects. Sounds familiar?

Integrated Project Management Systems also known as EPPM (Enteriprise Project Portfolio Management) have evolved from a plathoria of desktop tools and file directories into organization wide global project information stores tracking more than just dates: documents, financial data, changes, risks etc all accessed through a secure role based dashboard via a web browser.  

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